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SynthMaster 3 Beta


Beta Price: $179.00 $89.00

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Upgrade from SynthMaster 2: $29.00

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Upgrade from SynthMaster One: $49.00

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Upgrade from SynthMaster 2 Player: $69.00

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SynthMaster 3 is KV331 Audio's flagship 'all-around' software synthesizer plug-in that features many different synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Phase Modulation, Phase Distortion, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling and SFZ Sample Playback synthesis.

New Features in version 3.0

Modular Architecture:

Each SynthMaster 3 instance can have up to 16 Layers. Each layer can have up to 16 modules (oscillators, modulators, filters and waveshapers), and up to 32 modulation sources (ADSR Envelopes, MSEG Envelopes, LFOs, Noise LFOs, Step LFOs and Scalers).

Backwards compatible with SynthMaster One and SynthMaster 2:

SynthMaster 3 can load SynthMaster One and SynthMaster 2 presets. Those presets can also be loaded into layers.

Factory Presets:

SynthMaster 3 Beta comes with 350 factory presets designed by Gercek Dorman, NatLife, Demis Hellen and Yuli Yolo. More is on the way by Arksun, Aiyn Zahev, Bluffmunkey, Davide Puxeddu, Efe Aysal, Kevin Schroeder, Nori Ubukata an Selcuk Ergen.

VAnalog Oscillator:

The new VAnalog oscillator renders the oscillator shape in real-time using line segments to mimic how analog circuits generate waveforms. It comes with many built-in shapes from well known analog synths.

WaveShaper Effect:

The new Waveshaper effect in SynthMaster 3 comes with different types of distortion algorithms: Soft Tanh, Soft ATan, Hevy, Fuzz, Fold Sine, Fold Tri, Fold Round, Rectify Full, Rectify Half, Clip and Bitcrush. There is also a Custom algorithm which allows users to draw their own distortion curve.

Phaser Filter:

The new phaser filter effect is similar to the phaser effect in SynthMaster One/2. However, as being a polyphonic effect it operates per voice. It uses multiple allpass filters mixed with the input to create phasing effects.

Formant Filter:

The new formant filter effect in SynthMaster 3 uses parallel bank of filters to create vowel sounds. Users can select the initial and final vowels (formants) and morph between them.

Comb Filter:

The Comb Filter effect in SynthMaster 3 is similar to the digital comb filter type in SynthMaster 2, but with more improvements. The effect can operate in 2 different modes: Feedback and Feedforward. The damping filters in the feedback loop of the comb filter effect can be set in multiple modes: Highpass / HighShelve, LowPass / LowShelve.

Oscillator Unison:

In SynthMaster 3; basic, wavetable and vanalog oscillators have new oscillator unison parameters: Mix Type, Mix Curve, and Pan Curve. With the Mix Type parameter, different pitches (Octaves & Chords) can be selected for the oscillator unison voices.

Oscillator Noise Types:

The following noise types are new in SynthMaster 3: Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Blue Noise and Violet Noise.


The KeyScaler in SynthMaster 2 is vastly improved in SynthMaster 3. It is now called Scaler, as users can select another modulation source as its input (instead of Keytrack) and use the scaler as a waveshaper for its input.

Noise LFO:

The new Noise LFO modulation source in SynthMaster 3 can be used to generate sample and hold noise.

Separate Arp / Sequencers:

Each Layer in SynthMaster 3 has separate arpeggiator and sequencer. The MIDI input signal first goes through the sequencer followed by the arpeggiator.

Arp / Sequencer Randomization:

Each step in an arpeggiator / sequencer can have random values for trigger, hold, slide parameters.

Multi-Channel MIDI Out:

Each layer has its own MIDI output channel so that users can route the MIDI generated by the Arps / Sequencers to different tracks in their DAW.

Waveform Editor:

Single cycle waveforms can be edited with new Waveform Editor in SynthMaster 3.

Wavetable Editor:

SynthMaster 3 comes with a comprehensive Wavetable Editor to edit wavetables. The generated wavetables can be saved in SynthMaster 3's own format, or exported in WAV format to be used in other wavetable synths.

Multi-Sample Editor:

SynthMaster 3 comes with a comprehensive Multi-Sample Editor to edit multi samples. The multi-samples can be saved in SFZ format, which is a well documented format to store multi sample metadata.

Tutorial Videos

Demo Version:

A demo version of SynthMaster 3 is available for download from KV331 Audio web site. It is identical to the standard version except the following limitations:
  • The demo stops working after 30 minutes.
  • The demo saves presets but they can only be opened with the paid version of the plug-in.
  • The demo emits noise at every minute.
  • Exporting multi-samples in sfz format is disabled.
  • Exporting wavetables in WAV format is disabled.
  • Samples in Factory Sample Library have 13 bit resolution.

Audio Demos

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