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Artist Testimonials

Armin van Buuren
I love the synthmaster and I've been using it in all my recent productions. I really love the cool way of editing and especially love the FM sound. Essential for my set up!

Martin Garrix
You guys are gonna love my new single! Used synthmaster a lot f***ing love it.

Dj Roger Sanchez
SynthMaster is my go-to vst plug in for my productions. I love the user friendliness of it and the wide range of sounds that are constantly updated, especially the bass patches! This is the plug in I can't do without!

I love SynthMaster's sounds and the fact that they are already treated and not dry.

Synthmaster gives me instant inspiration and creativity. The sound engine behind the synth is brilliant and the presets offer me excellent options to start my productions.

Martin Solveig
Since Synthmaster, I can't think of a session without using it.


Computer Music Award
Computer Music Award
Future Music Award
Electronic Musician Award
Computer Music Award
Computer Music Award


Music Radar
"Many developers say that they've produced the one and only synth you'll ever need, but we've always felt that was a dubious claim. In SynthMaster 2.5’s case, though, it’s one that rings true."

Computer Music
"If ever there was a desert island synth, SynthMaster is it, covering all sonic bases with authority and a superb tone"

Keyboard Magazine
"SynthMaster: The most powerful softsynth you may not have heard of"

Future Music
"If you are looking for the Swiss Army knife of synth plug-ins, a single piece of software which can turn its hand to anything, then SynthMaster is a great choice"

Computer Music
"This could be the only synthesizer you ever owned, and you'd still never run short of ideas"


Music Radar Best Synth Poll
SynthMaster ranked #1, SynthMaster One ranked #4 in MusicRadar's "Best VST/AU Synth" poll!
'This is one of the few instruments that we can confidently say is excellent for most categories of synth sound.'

SynthMaster 2.9.8 released
With this update we have new feautes, bug fixes, a new white skin by Satyatunes and 50 awesome cinematic factory presets by Dejavu Sound!

Gold Award from MusicTech
SynthMaster is the winner for the 'Gear of the Year 2016 – Best Software Instrument' category by the MusicTech magazine

BigTone 'Analog Basics' preset bank released
We are glad to announce the availability of our latest preset bank 'Analog Basics' by BigTone! This is an awesome bank with 'retro' sounds, designed using the latest filters in SynthMaster!

MusicRadar readers choose SynthMaster as 'The Best VST/AU Synth' of 2016!
"If you are looking for the Swiss Army knife of synth plug-ins, a single piece of software which can turn its hand to anything, then SynthMaster is a great choice"

Best Master
MusicTech editors choose SynthMaster among the top 6 synths of 2016 and call it 'Best Master'!

Editor's Choice award
SynthMaster Player iOS receives Editor's Choice award from Electronic Musician magazine!


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